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Although it's a bit late, but happy new year everyone! 

Just a heads up that here's a list of my SNS account other than Deviant Art :

tumblr : jessicakholinne
instagram : kholinne 
twitter : jessicakholinne

I've been getting several ask for commission for ages. And I'm reluctant to accept any in the past due to busy schedules, BUT now I will open 1 or 2 slot of commission if anyone interested. Please send me a note so we can talk in details.

I think that's it? =D
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The Princess Who Saved Herself

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 12, 2015, 10:40 PM
Hi everyone,

Just an update on things.
Not sure if any of you aware, but I've been involved in a Kickstarter project with the talented Jonathan Coulton, Greg Pak, Takeshi Miyazawa, and Simon Bowland. First for CODE MONKEY SAVE WORLD (which is now a book thanks to backers!), second for THE PRINCESS WHO SAVED HERSELF (which is a stretch goal from Code Monkey Save World). The latter is already done and send as pdf to our backers, but we're now looking for it to be printed. =)
Good news is we've reached the goal in 6hrs after we launch the kickstarter! Looking forward to see the physical copy of this baby. I'll share some of the pictures here soon. (some are already been share at the kickstarter page if you want to take a quick look, and pledge while at it! =P )

Anyway, promise I'll post artwork soon! And good day to all of you! 


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Journal Entry: Tue Apr 16, 2013, 6:44 AM
Hey~~~ :dance:

So! Yearly update on what I'm working and will work :

- CODE MONKEY SAVE WORLD by Jonathan Coulton, Greg Pak, Tak Miyazawa, me and Simon Bowland. Yes, this is a graphic novel based on Jonathan Coulton song, written by Greg Pak. The kickstarter page is here :… I'll post

- MIND THE GAP by Jim McCann. Yep, I'll help color an issue (#11) for this cool thriller title. I'm excited! =)

- HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE. I'm coloring Sami Basri's line work there. This have to wait for their official announcement.

- secret studio project for world domination. no worries.

- there are also a couple personal project/commission that I'm not sure I have the liberty to announce, but I'll definitely post it here when I got the permission. Oh, and yea, I'm now available for commission, but again very limited spot. And due to tight deadline, it'll take at least 1 or 2 months to finish it. So if you think it's okay, note me and we'll talk more. =)

That's it I guess. Have a good day! :dance:

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Almost Twenty Twelve

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 21, 2011, 10:45 PM


It's official. My journal is yearly update.

Howeva, I do check my DA notes regularly.

Here's an update of what I'm working on right now :


And when I'm not working on that title, I'm helping my fellow team working with their title. =)

Happy Holidays!


P.S :
Did you see the journal change?
It's thanks to DeevElliott !


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is busy and doing her best!

IFS has kept me busy these days. I've been involved in several comic projects. And I can proudly say that each projects making me a better artist. Even now, there's so much to learn. I have to thanks my fellow colleagues/friends for these progress.

Work may kept me busy, but I actually enjoy all of these. A friend said, it's better busy than none.

Thanks for visiting!

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Hi peeps!

Have you realize I start this year by submitting the 5 pages of Fall Out Toy Works #2? Yea?
And have you also realize how I fail miserably by missing the 'y' from 'Toy' : Fall Out TO Works!!
So there, you have it. The wrong title. I want to fix the title, but it'll mean spamming over your messages. I dare not do that.

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Haven't check my DA account for few weeks so I just figure about the DD today. Thanks to Iscariot-Priest for suggesting the piece, and OneFreeInternet for featuring Train to Jakarta. I never thought it'll be given such an honour. Thanks again. :)

I've been busy with work since I'm freelancing now. Most of my personal work was put under 'work-in-progress' folder ever since. And I'm not sure when it's gonna move to 'finally' folder. And let's hope it'll not end up in 'will not touch'.  I'll post couple of what I've been working for the past months later, when I got the permission of course.

AND! I'm going to SGTCC next month. Yay! Never been to stgcc before. Hopefully it's fun!

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